Tuesday, 9 August 2011

urn / pots for avantgarden

Tina Ratzer and Louise Gaarmann invited me to make some urn / pots for their "man". They are part of the group Avantgarden and will soon be showing at the London Design Festival; their theme is 'Beautiful Mortality' and I'm delighted to be part of the project. The group decided to only use brown and white so I went hunting in all the 2nd hand shops of Montréal to find suitable fabric. These are the first urn / pots I've made using patterned fabric but I'm already making some new ones.


  1. Nice! Really like the one with the granny flowers, something of a mix between an odd egg and a chinese porcelain vase.

  2. Thank you S. Blomst, that one is my favorite too. Found two old pillowcases yesterday that might, too, turn out to look sort of porcelain-esque once sewn into a urn/vase/pot.