Thursday 7 July 2011

Fogo Island braided rug project part I (green/pink)

Here are samples 3 + 4 of the braided rugs I made while on Fogo Island.
These two are made from a 2nd hand curtain top + cotton fabric from the local store. To save time they are both only pinned together.

Thank you


  1. oh! the pink rug is beautiful.

  2. Thank you; I wasn't sure about any of these two but it was good to experiment with the different use of the patterned fabric; in the pink rug the blue fabric appears at random on all 3 strands, on the green rug it's on all 3 strands as well but at regular intervals (which is very, very slow to do)

  3. I see. What I liked first of all was the bright colors, but now when I look at it again, it´s also the "pattern" that the blue one is making in the braiding itself, it comes close to your printed patterns as well. It makes an interesting pattern...

  4. That's what makes it interesting about introducing a pattern into the rug; trying to control where it'll end up in the finished rug, and how, or if, it'll all 'clump' together.
    By the time I did the green one I'd figured out how to hide the seems where the two different fabrics meet, on the pink one some are showing.
    You should do one, I bet it'd be beautiful!

  5. yes, I also fell like doing one soon :)