Wednesday 21 August 2013

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This hand sewn patchwork urn (made using a new pattern devised with a the generous help from an architect friend) was made from a second hand table cloth bought shortly after my arrival back in Copenhagen for the summer. It's the kind of table cloth that used to be fairly common in the 1950's, and it appealed to me due to its porcelain-like sheen and pattern. While I was working on the urn my grandmother passed away after a short illness. Today would have been her 90th birthday.

The week after her death I came across the Chinese teacup in a charity shop, exactly the kind of teacup my gran had when I was a child; a teacup with a hidden treasure which only reveals itself after you take the last sip.

The b/w photograph was taken the day my grandparents were married, it's one of very few photos that exists of my gran as a young woman. The flowers are from outside the hospital, photographed one of the last times I visited her.


+ hand-sewn patchwork pillow (part #006) +

This (and it's counterpart which will appear *here* soon) came about after my experiment with the 'square -> star' pattern here. This is made from an old woven tablecloth from a charity shop in Copenhagen and will make it's way to Vienna next month to appear in an exhibition at MN*LS, which I'm very excited about. More soon!

Tuesday 20 August 2013

patchwork pin cushion #02

Found this wee hanky in a charity shop and made another pin cushion; got quite excited about the star-pattern made from the square pattern; more of this to follow shortly!

patchwork pin cushion(s) #01

These are made from the same fabric used in the previous patchwork pillow, it's been great fun playing around with the dots. The shape is the same as the earlier "needle cushion", and these are for Tina (spoiled the surprise!) however, these little ones are not filled with Canadian pine needles, but regular stuffing.

hand-sewn patchwork pillow (part #005)

I made this pillow for a friend, it's made from an old skirt + handwoven fabric from Skals, both given to me by friends = a true friendship pillow : )