Friday 20 June 2014

+ sneak preview of the critter factory re-opening +

It's been a while sine I made the last critter, but here's a bunch of new flat rabbits ready for stuffing. These are for the Craftsfair in August; more info to follow soon.

Wednesday 11 June 2014

+ faded blue patchwork pot +

Untitled (faded blue)
June 2014

Height 51cm, width 33cm

Hand-sewn patchwork pot made from discarded cotton fabric,
cardboard + sewing thread.

The pot was made using remnants from  oh so many rainy days. Instead of embroidering year and initials on the bottom, the pots will now have my new label sewn to the side. As there was not quite enough suitable fabric left, I had to sacrifice the bottom part of the second version of oh so many rainy days; what's left of it can be seen in the second last photo (90cm x 120cm)

* SOLD * 

Friday 6 June 2014

+ A B A S K E T A N D A H A L F +

Skitse (sketch) 
June 2014

57cm x 46cm x 4 cm

photocopy, paper + tape

Kurv (basket) 
June 2104

Height 8cm, diameter 27cm

paper + sewing thread

I've been invited by Butik for Borddækning to make a bread basket for their upcoming show  Brødkurve (Bread baskets) opening Friday 13th of June. The brief said 'function related',  which I took the liberty to interpret quite loosely. The two objects are based on photographs from a 1950's DIY wicker book found in a charity shop (two last images are from the book) I really enjoy the instructional drawings + the lovely shadow cast by the baskets. The hands in Skitse are printed so they are life size. Both objects are hand cut.

Wednesday 4 June 2014

+ blue faded flower urn / pot / vase +

Untitled (faded blue flower) 
June 2014

Height 55cm, width 58cm

Hand-sewn patchwork pot made from 2nd hand table cloth, 2nd hand yardage, cardboard + sewing thread.

I found the table cloth a little too garish, so used it wrong-side-out instead to tone down the contrast a little.

Sunday 1 June 2014

COPY #01 (large appliqué flower)

COPY #01 Untitled (flower)
May 2014

Each panel 150cm x 100cm x 4cm

Machine appliquéd 2nd hand fabric mounted on two wooden frames.
The black fabric is the rubber-coated reverse side of some Kvadrat upholstery fabric, kindly sponsored by Kvadrat, and left over from another project made at SVK earlier this year.

This is the first item in a new on-going series called COPY in which patterns from various items are, as precise as possible, copied in fabric. Here the original item is a tiny Chinese teacup (height 6cm) from a charity shop.
(finished canvas quite a bit too large for my flat, hence the slightly odd cropping of the images)

/ / / stripy pillow / / /

Pillow made from scrap of 2nd hand fabric (off-white on the reverse)

39cm x 31cm