Wednesday 17 July 2013

Trophy by Ratzer meets Myrup

Tina Ratzer and I made this patchwork-pot trophy for a competition initiated by Dina Vejling to design an "oscar" for Odense International Film Festival, you can cast your vote for your favorite submission here.

Tuesday 16 July 2013

////// + ///// (part 019) (FINISHED FLORAL)

finally finished the stripy / floral urn-pot after much work, still not sure about the appliqued flowers...
the whole thing is made from two 2nd hand pillow cases . That's it for a while now, got a few other projects on the go-

Wednesday 10 July 2013

////// + ///// (part 018) (NEW FLORAL)

working away on my new stripy / floral urn-pot, it's slow going but fun

" nålepude" / "needle-cushion" #2

made this tiny "needle-cushion" as a gift for a friend, it's filled with Canadian pine needles like the one I made a wee while ago. The lovely fabric was a present from Tina, she bought it at Skals.

Friday 5 July 2013

////// + ///// (part 017) (NEW FLORAL)

More stripes and more flowers ; for this one I've started experimenting with some stuck-on cut-out flowers, some of them need a little tweaking before I finish the urn-pot, pretty tricky ironing things on a non-flat area (did the flowers in stages, but have to turn the whole shape in and out from time to time, which took it's toll on at least one rose)

Wednesday 3 July 2013

hand-sewn patchwork pillows (part #004)

This one is made from left over 2nd hand fabric too + two skirts donated by a dear friend; the pillow is for her.

Monday 1 July 2013

////// + ///// (part 016) (NEW FLORAL)

This is a continuation on the floral theme started way back here (at least in 3D) which has lately led to this one here. However, this one will have a 'twist' (more to come asap) As in the pillow here, I had fun making the lines in the pattern + the roses line up. The fabric is a 2nd hand pillow case bought in Halifax.

hand-sewn patchwork pillows (part #003)

This is a larger version of this and is made from 2nd hand remnants from this, this and this. This too, is a present for a friend : )

hand-sewn patchwork pillows (part #002)

This one too, is made from 2nd hand fabric and is a present for my aunt. The floral fabric is a lovely vintage silk remnant from an outfit my gran used to wear (I spend quite some time lining up the wee stripes in the pattern)

hand-sewn patchwork pillows (part #001)

These two quite small pillows are both made from left over 2nd hand material from some of the recent sketch urn-pots. It's been a while since I started doing "flat" patchwork, but it's still fun. Both these pillows were presents for friends.