Friday 5 July 2013

////// + ///// (part 017) (NEW FLORAL)

More stripes and more flowers ; for this one I've started experimenting with some stuck-on cut-out flowers, some of them need a little tweaking before I finish the urn-pot, pretty tricky ironing things on a non-flat area (did the flowers in stages, but have to turn the whole shape in and out from time to time, which took it's toll on at least one rose)


  1. + thank you; I hope to have it finished soon +

  2. Hey, a flower flower combination would also be interesting,
    This reminds me about your drawings you headed over, the different layers.

  3. well, well, well; I have many floral plans already, will tell you all about them soon! : )

    (what a lot of 'L's')

  4. Somehow I new ;-)
    guess your hands can't work fast enough.

  5. You're right; more hands would be great!