Friday, 6 June 2014

+ A B A S K E T A N D A H A L F +

Skitse (sketch) 
June 2014

57cm x 46cm x 4 cm

photocopy, paper + tape

Kurv (basket) 
June 2104

Height 8cm, diameter 27cm

paper + sewing thread

I've been invited by Butik for Borddækning to make a bread basket for their upcoming show  Brødkurve (Bread baskets) opening Friday 13th of June. The brief said 'function related',  which I took the liberty to interpret quite loosely. The two objects are based on photographs from a 1950's DIY wicker book found in a charity shop (two last images are from the book) I really enjoy the instructional drawings + the lovely shadow cast by the baskets. The hands in Skitse are printed so they are life size. Both objects are hand cut.

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