Saturday 28 February 2015

+ Y E L L O W +

Busy times in the studio working on many different projects which will soon be revealed. So far, here's a yellow sneak preview.

Also, have a look at this nice mention of my work here. Thank you Dorthe Bak : ) x


  1. Hello Martine!
    These are beautiful pompons! And love the Indiecita yarn label so much. Are you familiar with an Andean tradition of putting colourful pompons in camelids ears as a charm to fertility? Floreo o floreamiento de llamas.

    Looking forward to see your next project!

  2. Hello Karen,
    Lovely to hear from you! I AM familiar with llamas decorated with pompons, but didn't know it was a fertility tradition. I remember coming across an amazing image of a llama with colourful decorations sitting in a reed boat, I think it was in an old issue of National Geographic, but sadly I've not been able to find it, wanted to share it here on the blog...

    Hope all is well; I look at your work often and it is always pure eye-joy to do so.

    x m x